Jim Carper, a communicator for business

Hello. My name is Jim Carper.

I make money for businesses.

People read what I write. I have created and reinvigorated magazines. I've helped publishers expand their brand by launching newsletters, blogs and supplements

I've helped retailers and makers of consumer products to navigate the world of social media, and as a result, they find new customers.

I produce custom content for a marketer of health and wellness products.


I'm passionate about communications in all forms:

print, digital, face-to-face, social media, video, podcasts, you name it.


These are tough times for business owners.

Those who succeed go to market with a multichannel communications approach, including print, websites, e-newsletters, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter and special events.


I can help you.

I have a track record of innovation and collaboration. The links above and below take you to examples of how I use various media to spread the message.


Let's put our heads together and get to work.

Jim Carper

Want to know more? Contact me at jimbocarper[at]gmail.com.

“Jim is an extremely smart guy . . . an accomplished writer ...an extraordinarily hard worker with a steely determination to achieve his objectives." — Peter Hoyt, Founder, Hoyt Publishing: