Direct mail developed by Jim Carper

PROBLEM: A magazine had a website, but few readers were visiting it. A house ad in the magazine every month or so promoted the site, as did a series of postcards. These efforts were not sufficient. The success of the site depended upon a large volume of users. The magazine needed more visitors. 

SOLUTION: I took the initiative to develop a weekly outbound e-mail campaign to show readers what was on the site and to give them a reason to visit and to return. Because of the e-mail delivery, this was a cost-effective solution.

Working with a very talented art director, we created a toolbox of templates, each one containing places to plug in a headline, copy and images. Now that we had a variety of designs from which to select, we could concentrate on crafting the weekly message, instead of designing from scratch.

We used the templates in rotation. The messages varied each week, too. They promoted categories, styles, upcoming gift markets or magazine content. 

RESULTS: This campaign worked because of the messaging and the frequency. With web analytics tools, we tracked open rates, click-throughs, first-time website trials and repeat usage. All the key indicators were heading in the right direction.

The e-mail campaign for Find It! increased new and repeat traffic to Home Decor Buyer's website.
This template calls for 4 vertical photos.
This template calls for one dominant image.
Find It! Chicago Market.pdf Find It! Chicago Market.pdf
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