E-newsletters by Jim Carper

"Jim is an insightful and well-spoken journalist, and his weekly newsletters for Home Décor Buyer are a perfect example. Within the great volume of emails received every week, his newsletter was one of the precious few I sought in my inbox and read happily. They always brought a strong wit and an interesting perspective to enjoy."— Craig Dooley, Merchandise Mart Properties Inc.

I highly recommend that publishers create one or more newsletters to support their magazines, websites, trade shows and special events.

PROBLEM: A magazine's Unique Selling Proposition was its focus on new products, not on industry news, which the competition covered heavily. How then could the magazine cover the news without diluting its stature as the industry's leading product tabloid? 

SOLUTION: Write about personnel changes, company acquisitions and other timely gossip in a weekly e-newsletter.

RESULTS: "this week in home decor" quickly became the industry's most respected newsletter. It also served as a powerful marketing and promotional piece for the magazine. Moreover, the newsletter generated more than $55k in annual advertising revenue.