Home Decor Buyer

Peter Hoyt, Founder & President, Hoyt Publishing: “Jim is an extremely smart guy and he is an accomplished writer. He is also an extraordinarily hard worker with a steely determination to achieve his objectives. He is a team player. He is focused and he carries the load of three seasoned veterans.”

Hoyt Publishing Co. wanted to expand into a new market, so it hired me to start Home Décor Buyer, a tabloid-size new products magazine with a circulation of 35,000.nbsp;The prep work included analysis of the existing competitive magazines and interviews with subscribers about their information needs. Home Décor Buyer was the only magazine to report key buying data about products, including wholesale prices and minimum-order requirements.

In conjunction with the publisher, we grew and extended the Home Décor Buyer brand with magazine supplements, a website, newsletters and special events. 

I led a team that created the weekly e-newsletter "this week in home décor." This product generated $85k in annual revenues and became an important marketing piece for the franchise.

A high-profile trends survey began as an editorial project. I then helped the publisher identify potential sponsors. The survey was sold to a single advertiser in a three-year deal for $40k a year.

An annual holiday supplement generated $30k in additional revenues and resulted in new advertisers. The basis of the supplement was editorial research documenting the holiday-buying habits of home decor retailers.

My editorial team provided the content for a calendar supplement that generated $35k in additional revenues.

Some of my other responsibilites included hiring staff and freelance editors, arranging for photography, monitoring travel and production expenses, covering domestic and international trade shows, and speaking at industry events.

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