Hotels magazine

Cahners management recruited me to be the editor in chief of Hotels (circulation 60,000). Internally, the 25-year-old magazine was called the company's "longest launch." It never really took off.

I addressed the graphics and editorial presentation of articles, while the publisher straightened out the busines side. The editorial team strengthened relationships with interior designers, giving us access to better-quality photographs. We developed sources beyond public relations agencies, and tapped into the expertise of hotel managers and executives. I formed an alliance with the hotel school of Michigan State University to provide training articles.

To keep an advertiser's business, I developed a food and beverage challenge. The competition was such a success that the advertiser continued its sponsorship the following year and increased its business with the magazine. 

The Global Hoteliers Club extended the Hotels magazine brand. This social network, which exists today, is open to hoteliers who have worked on three or more continents. The idea sprang up in conversations between the publisher and the editorial team. I developed the club, wrote a quarterly newsletter for members and assembled the directory. Membership dues contributed to an annual revenue stream.

Results: Hotels became the premium and preferred publication covering the world of international hotelkeeping. The "longest launch" earned a gross profit of $1 million on $5 million in sales.

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