Professional Builder

I was recruited by Cahners management to fix Professional Builder (circulation 125,000),  the largest monthly title in the Chicago division. At one time it was the market leader, but by then Hanley Wood's Builder was the 800-pound gorilla.

When I arrived, Professional Builder was mailing 17 days late. Advertisers weren't happy and rival Builder gleefully noted that fact in its media kit. Within five issues I had the magazine mailing on time. And I did it without adding staff or spending money. I re-organized the work flow and held the editors to deadlines.

Later, I saved the company $20k by sending a trade show issue to the printer on time. Traditionally, this issue had been socked with late charges.

As I was getting the production issues under control, I worked on content. I established criteria for the publication of new houses. I re-assigned our new product coverage, and beefed up our reporting about affordable housing, new construction materials, quality control and energy efficiency. I expanded the coverage of the Best In American Living Awards, a program held in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders.

Bottom line: My editorial team won awards for its work, including the Jesse H. Neal award from American Business Media. The editors worked together as a team. The magazine regained some of the stature it once held in the marketplace.

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